Adventurer's Diary/The Rogue Colossus

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The Rogue Colossus

Inhabitants in Aleas are often regarded as the most "inventive" people in the lands of Estiah. They've built countless "strange things" only for their own amusement, just like this colossal statue of Terrine you're looking upon right now.

Made of stones, the statue of Terrine has been built for celebrating the "one week without major accident" occasion in Aleas. As you read over the quick description on the plaque in front of the statue, you've come to understand why the rogue Terrine is an important figure for this city's residents. He once stole the ever-shining artifact "Solemn Star", which was located atop the highest tower of the Cathedral of Illumination, and succeeded in bringing it back to Aleas in time for the yearly fair of invention despite a whole bunch of irritated clerics and monks chasing him. However, he met his demise soon after - not by the hands of his pursuers, but by an unfortunate accident which occurred when he tried to hang the artifact on the Pillar of Aleas. That's why, to remember this hero who has sacrificed his short life for the glory of the city, his four-man sized statue has been standing near the city's main gate for years. You can still see his hand reaching into the sky, exactly as it was during his last moment, when he almost managed to put the artifact on the highest point of Aleas, and to see Aleas outshine Lumina, the city of light.

But you are astonished to see a few young guys doing something to the statue, and the pedestrians don't seem to care much. It is true that in this city, children are taught to "play with fire, but don't burn yourself" instead of the usual saying, "don't play with fire". Without experiments and risks, the world wouldn't be as diverse as it should be. You are still worried about the unknown, colored substances they're applying to the statue, as it definitely doesn't look like some kind of paint to make the statue look better.

As you expected, the colossus makes a deep and resonant sound all of a sudden, and the kids dash away in different directions with screams of joy.

"It's coming to life! Terrine is back!"

Now you are just witnessing one of the "strange things" the people in Aleas did to their own city; they tried to animate their stone statue with a mysterious mixture.

The City Plaza

Your choice was right: this colossal statue is way beyond your ability to handle. After picking up a random partner who is as astounded as you are, you both decide to calm this rampaging stone monster. You have to do this as an outsider because the townspeople appear used to this kind of incident (maybe even enjoying it), and you don't know how many things this animated colossus is going to destroy before the effect wears off. It's heading slowly toward the only "normal" place you can find in Aleas, the city plaza, and you don't want to see it razed to the ground.

Your team is ready, but your tactics are not. It is actually your first time challenging something as a team, so you'd better discuss with your partner before charging into that mess. A few minutes will do; you just need to figure out your partner's habits and skills. The statue looks huge and powerful, but it doesn't have a brain after all. Its movements don't have any pattern or purpose, so with a quick plan you are certainly going to win this battle.


The colossus is no longer moving and the city plaza is saved. Peace has returned to Aleas - temporarily. Among the cheers from the curious crowd, you don't know how much is for your heroic act and how much is for the statue's destruction. Anyway, they will most likely build another one; an improved version.

You wanted to learn more about Terrine, but you are afraid that you have to wait until the people of Aleas finish clearing up the mess that the colossus just made. You are certain that the next time you return to this city, you are to see another rogue colossus standing proudly near the city gate, stretching his hand for a new hope.